Thursday, January 19, 2006


My cell phone was eaten by someone I love boyfriend's-roomate's dog Rigby. But for this I forgive her, because really isn't forgiveness one of the most important components to love? But it does leave me without communication with the outside world...therefore this blog and the many emails my friends have been getting during the past few days.

So...first blog. These are some photos from my recent cherry-poppin first trip to NYC. Patti and her amazing Park Slope appartment were my excuses to finally get out there. She's an amazing friend, especially for helping me make it home after an ulcer-inducing mix of beer, whiskey (thanks patti), pink rooftops, zebra stripes, vodka (thanks again patti) and two massive slices of pizza. The flight home was---well let's just say a young Irish boy said I looked like I needed a bath... .

Highlights of the trip:
*vegan peanut butter coconut icecream
*Johhny's "Fucking Champs" video
*Toy Tokyo
<-----that blurry blob is the statue of liberty, the closest I got, this time
*Curly's and Kate's Joint
*Steyvesant red elevators and rooftops
*Raymond Pettibon show at the Whitney

Best trip in a loooonnnng time, and the first one I've done alone in a while.


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